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How To Make Emotional Future Bass


How To Make Future House Like Brooks!


How To Make Progressive House Like Martin Garrix!

What producers say about Savage Sounds Packs


Pine Music

50k+ followers on Instagram

"I only can recommend Sample Packs by Savage because they are filled with modern sounding presets and the samples are always very good! Especially in the "LIGHT" Pack!"



40k+ followers on YouTube

"Savage send me a copy of his packs and i never stopped using them because of the convenience.. you dont waste time searching for good presets because all of them are actually useable. Overall, very good packs!"

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18k+ followers on YouTube

"I checked some sample packs by Savage in the past and i definetely recommend them! Every preset has its purpose and the samples are also very good, particularly the buildup samples and drum fills are easy to drag and drop!


Giovanni Franceschini

Bedroom Producer

"LION is one of the best progressive house packs I've ever used. It has some unique presets that are helping me in developing my own style. It also has Vital presets which is a huge pro as Vital is a great free synth. There are a lot of high quality samples and the overall quality of the pack is amazing."


Producers Academy

25k+ followers on Instagram

"I liked the way the folders were structured, you have a nice overview because of that! The sample are made for immediately use, just drag and drop them into your DAW!"

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